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Trade war: India set to take on US with $240 million retaliatory tariffs


India is set to introduce tariffs worth $240 million on a list of 30 imports from the United States as New Delhi plans retaliation over an increase on duties imposed by the Donald Trump administration on Indian steel and aluminium.


India has notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) the revised list including almonds, apples, phosphoric acid and motorcycles with engine capacity of more than 800 cc (including Harley Davidson motorbikes), on which it intends to impose retaliatory tariffs. On 18 May, India had given the WTO a list of 20 items imported from the US worth $166 million on which it proposed to increase tariffs.

印度已向世界贸易组织(世贸组织)通报了经修订的清单,其中包括杏仁、苹果、磷酸和摩托车,发动机容量超过800 毫升(包括哈雷·戴维森摩托车),印度打算对其征收报复性关税。5月18日,印度向世贸组织提交了一份清单,列出从美国进口的20件商品,价值16.6亿美元,印度提议增加关税。

In the revised list, India has lowered the proposed maximum additional duties from 100% (on walnuts) to 50% (on Harley Davidsons).


In Brussels, European Union countries on Thursday approved a raft of tariffs targeting US goods including whiskey, blue jeans and motorcycles in retaliation against duties imposed by Trump on European metals. The European countermeasures aimed at 2.8 billion euros ($3.3 billion) of American imports come after Trump on June 1 followed through on a threat to impose tariffs on European steel and aluminium exports.


On Friday, Trump announced hefty tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports and Beijing threatened to respond with “equal scale, equal intensity.”


The response from India, China and the European Union to unilateral tariff movies by the Trump administration signals an escalation of their trade disputes. Trump, whose hardline stance on trade has seen him wrangle with allies, vowed further measures if Beijing struck back.


India had asked the US government to exempt it from its 25% levy on steel and 10% on aluminum imposed by Trump on grounds of national security. The US rejected the request by India, which has also dragged the US to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism over the matter.


Asked whether the proposal to retaliate against the US is posturing by India ahead of the trade talks, a commerce ministry official said on condition of anonymity: “The US goes ahead and does its own thing. Why should India be posturing only? When talks happen, we can use it as a bargaining chip.”

在被问及印度在贸易谈判之前是否采取报复美国的姿态时,印度商务部一名官员在匿名情况下表示:“美国自己动手做自己的事?!庇《任裁匆扒蛔魇??当谈判发生时,我们可以用它作为讨价还价的筹码?!?br />
Trade minister Suresh Prabhu said on Friday after a two-day US visit that the talks he had with American officials were held in a positive atmosphere and that trade negotiators from both sides would soon meet to resolvel pending issues.

贸易部长苏雷什·普拉布(Suresh Prabhu)上周五在美国进行为期两天的访问后表示,他与美国官员的会谈是在积极的气氛中进行的,双方贸易谈判人员不久将会晤,以解决悬而未决的问题。

Assistant US trade representative Mark Linscott is likely to visit India in the last week of June to negotiate a “trade package”, the official cited above said.

上述官员表示,美国助理贸易代表马克·林斯科特(Mark Linscott)可能会在6月最后一周访问印度,商讨一项“贸易一揽子计划”。

The package is likely to involve negotiations granting an extension to India on generalised system of preferences (GSP) that the US is currently reviewing. India exports about 3,500 items worth $5.6 billion to the US at zero or low duties. India in exchange may facilitate more US imports in items such as dairy products and Harley Davidson bikes.


Trump has often raised the issue of higher tariffs on Harley Davidson motorcycles imposed by India and threatened to slap reciprocal taxes on Indian bikes, which he has wrongly claimed India was selling “in thousands” in the US.

特朗普经常指责印度对哈雷·戴维森(Harley Davidson)摩托车征收高关税的问题,并威胁要对印度自行车征收互惠税。他错误地声称印度在美国销售了成千上万辆。

Addressing the press on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Canada’s Quebec City last week, Trump particularly named India, accusing it of charging 100% tariff on some US goods. “We’re like the piggybank that everybody is robbing,” Trump said.

上周,在加拿大魁北克市举行的七国集团(G7)峰会期间,特朗普在媒体上发表讲话,特别提到了印度,指责它对一些美国商品征收100%的关税。特朗普说:“我们就像每个人都在抢劫的银行?!?br />