Part 1:
Arizona police have arrested a woman for shooting dead a teenage Chinese student in a road rage incident which allegedly took place after the woman crashed into the female student’s car while it waited at a red light.


Tempe police Lieutenant Michael Pooley said Sunday that 32-year-old Holly Davis has been booked on three charges including first-degree murder.

坦佩警察迈克尔·普利(Michael Pooley)中尉在星期日说,32岁的霍利·戴维斯(Holly Davis)已经被立案,包括一级谋杀在内的三项指控。

According to police Davis’ vehicle was involved in a collision at a busy intersection around 2.40 pm Saturday. Davis allegedly got out of her car and fired several shots into the other vehicle hitting Yue Jiang a student at Arizona State University several times.


Pooley says Jiang then drove her vehicle into another car carrying a family of five. Nineteen-year-old Jiang was taken to a hospital where she died.


The family did not suffer serious injuries.


ASU released a statement on Sunday which said: “Regarding yesterday’s incident where ASU student Yue Jiang was killed we just want to say that fellow students are being encouraged to talk with counsellors.”

亚利桑那州立大学(ASU)星期日发表声明说:“关于昨天发生的亚利桑那州立大学学生江玥遇害事件,我们只想说,鼓励学生与辅导员交流?!?br />
A student named Yue Jiang is listed at ASU as a finance undergraduate in the WP Carey School of Business.

江玥是亚利桑那州立大学W. P. 凯瑞商学院的一名金融专业本科生。

ABC news quoted Tempe police as saying that Jiang was waiting at a stop light in the city in a Mercedes when another car crashed into it. Jiang’s male passenger got out to inspect the damage and saw the female driver of the other vehicle walk towards Jiang’s car with a gun before she opened fire into the driver’s window.


Davis was arrested after being tracked down via her car’s number plate.


Part 2:
The family of a Chinese student who was murdered in a road rage incident reacted furiously in court on Wednesday after a judge accepted a plea deal from her killer.



Holly Davis fatally shot 19-year-old Yue Jiang of China in January 2016 while Jiang’s boyfriend Endong Chen sat next to her according to police in Tempe Arizona. Davis had rear-ended the Arizona State University student’s car.


Sitting in Maricopa County Superior Court Jiang’s father Yiyong glared and pointed at Davis as he shouted in a Chengdu-Chongqing Chinese dialect: “How inhumane you were to brutally murder my only daughter!”


Once he finished his statement to the judge through a translator he turned to Davis again and shouted in his language: “You monster! Tell me why you murdered my daughter!”


Davis was originally charged with first-degree murder but the prosecutor and her lawyer came to a plea deal of second-degree murder that would result in a mandatory 25-year prison sentence.


Judge Warren Granville on Tuesday accepted the plea agreement after hearing statements from Jiang’s family members who had travelled to Arizona from China KTVK-TV/KPHO-TV reported.


After their collision in 2016 Davis got out of her Volkswagen Passat walked to the driver’s side door of the Mercedes Jiang and Chen were in and opened fire police said.


Badly wounded Jiang tried to flee by making a U-turn but crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with another car Tempe police spokeswoman Naomi Galbraith said.

坦佩警方发言人内奥米·加尔布雷斯(Naomi Galbraith)说“江玥伤势严重,试图开车掉头逃脱,但随即迎上驶来的汽车并与另一车相撞?!?br />

The student was transported to a nearby hospital but died of multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.


Endong told police that he and Jiang did not know Davis and they had no interaction with her until she collided with them. He also told police that there was no traffic dispute leading up to the incident.


Endong and Jiang had just come from a grocery shopping trip Endong said. Davis’ sentencing hearing is scheduled for Friday.